The easiest way to get to Alonissos in the tourist season is to fly either to the mainland port of Volos, or to the neighbouring island of Skiathos and, from either of these, to catch a car ferry, Flying Dolphin or catamaran (Flying Cat) for the final part of the journey.

Most of the european airlines operate just one or two flights per week to Volos or Skiathos. Both ports are a short taxi ride from the Airport – or, in Skiathos, if you are feeling fit, do not have too much luggage and have plenty of time, it is a pleasant walk which takes about half an hour. So check the airlines which have your confidence to find the appropriate flight.

It is also possible (and, out of season, necessary) to travel to Alonissos via Athens or Thessaloniki. From Athens you have to catch a bus or taxi to Agios Konstantinos, where you will take a car ferry or catamaran to Alonissos. If you travel via Thessaloniki, from here you can also take a bus to Volos and continue your journey as described above. Those are the longer and more complicated journeys, but many people enjoy the chance to spend some time in one of the bigger cities on the mainland. As airlines and destinations change regularly it is best to check what is available when you know when you want to travel.

Ferry services
For ferry information and reservations, go to, where bookings can be made online. The ferry timetables are rarely available more than two months in advance, so it is advisable to keep checking to see when they appear. It is a good idea to book early during the peak season (July/August) when tickets have been known to sell out; at other times, there are usually plenty of spaces available.

Bus services
For details of bus travel from Athens to Agios Konstantinos, you need to visit; informations about the journey from Thessaloniki to Volos can be found here: It is also possible to take a train from Thessaloniki to Volos – this is a rather slow process but if you have time and travel during daylight you will be treated to some spectacular views on the way.

The Holiday Season
The holiday season on Alonissos – that is when the charter flights run and getting here is relatively simple – runs from the second week of May to the second week of October; but life on the island continues throughout the year (in a less hectic way) and the weather can be wonderful during the winter months. If it’s not – you can always curl up in front of the fire with a good book to keep you company during the day, or wander out for an invigorating walk – or drop in to one of the few tavernas or bars that stay open, and where a warm welcome will always await you. In fact – the Alonissos you experience during the winter months really does feel like the ”real thing”; the tourists have gone and the locals just get on with their lives.

Some of our houses are suitable for a winter stay – so if you would like to see for yourself what happens when the planes stop and the majority of the tavernas close, just contact Olyvia!