slideroneone 09The privately owned (by Kostas and Angela Mavrikis) Museum of Alonnisos is found above the town beach and approached by steps going up from the back of the beach in Patitiri. It exhibits artefacts from Alonnisos, illustrating the history of life on the island, military history, and an excellent section on piracy. At the top there is a cafe with a fabulous view over the harbour.  The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions of local and national art, photography, pottery etc, and occasionally has musical evenings. The local English drama group – the Greek Island Thespians – holds poetry readings and other small dramatic events on the premises from time to time, so keep an eye open for posters. For further details about the museum and events go to:

At the entrance to the Kastro in the Old Village there is the Traditional Alonissos House – which is exactly what it says. The house is full of antique and traditional furnishings and household equipment and a visit to it is a very good way to understand how life was lived in the past. Opening times vary from year to year, but evenings are the more likely time to find it open.

Just around the corner from the traditional house is the War Memorial, which commemorates the lives of islanders who lost their lives in a horrific incident in the Island’s history. More details of this in our History of Alonissos pages.

If you fancy having a try at Greek Dancing, there are regular sessions for learners and beginners held in the Old Village at Taverna Panselinos, several mornings a week. A small group of ”foreigners” dance throughout the year, and this expands to include visitors during the summer months. Everyone is welcome to go along and take part; it’s fun and not as complicated as it looks; with the added bonus of leaving you in a position to join in during the ”real thing” at Greek festivals and celebrations.

The GITs (Greek Island Thespians) is a relatively new amateur dramatic group, which performs an annual pantomime in the week immediately following Easter, and a few smaller productions – such as poetry readings, sketch shows and reviews – during the autumn and summer months.

The Old Village Cultural Association exists to promote the development of the Old Village by organising cultural activities, publicising events, maintaining the Old Village's environment and and dealing with issues of local concern. Many of the Old Village residents, both Greek and ”foreigners” are members of the group and try to support its events. During the summer months there is a continual programme of events, mostly musical performances in various favoured venues around the Old Village – if you are staying in an Old Village house you are very likely to come across one of these during your stay. To get a feel for what goes on, check out their facebook page or website at or

The Aloni Band is a rock and roll band  (the oldest rock band on Alonissos ...) made up of English residents who play weekly outside Taverna Panselinos. The atmosphere at one of their evenings, when people of all nationalities and age groups come along to eat, drink and dance in the street under the stars is really quite special and unique to Alonissos.  There are also regular outdoor performances from Greek musicians both from the island and beyond – and it is when you are listening to them and watching the locals getting up and spontaneously doing some Greek dancing that you feel you have found the ”real Greece”.  This can happen both up in the Old Village and down in Patitiri – advertising events is not anyone’s forte here, so much information is transmitted by word of mouth;  but on such a small island news does travel very quickly!

ChrisHughes-thumbnailVarious classes are offered; there's Chris Hughes' painting classes (, Bente's painting classes, Lee and Bibi's Yoga (and massage therapies), Anke's mosaic; and various other things that may or may not happen each year. Penny O'Connor runs regular Alexander Technique (a gentle hands-on teaching known to restore our natural health, poise and vitality; relieve neck and shoulder tensions, back pain, breathing disorders and stress) workshops and individual sessions. Visit for further details - and for details of all island activities keep an eye open for posters in the shops and on the trees.

For current information about cultural and other events you could visit the island’s official website at and go to ”The Island” menu.