slideroneone 18Do's and Don'ts

Do put your loo paper in the bin. The island’s plumbing system does not deal effectively with paper in the loo, and the result is not good!

Do chat to friendly locals. You never know what you might find out – most people speak English, some better than others. Even better, if you can learn a bit of Greek yourself, it will be very much appreciated. See our Dictionary for Survival.

Do leave your rubbish in the designated places, and not just outside your own door. The mule will pick it up daily, but only if left in the right place. And remember, it is easier for it to handle one large bin bag than lots of small carrier bags.

Do Recycle your recyclable rubbish and put in the blue bins.

Don’t make a noise during siesta (14.00 – 17.00)! Everybody on the island respects this rule and, as a result, it remains very sleepy in the afternoons!

Don’t do anything that might be a fire risk. Barbecues are not encouraged, especially in the Old Village, in the summer months. One stray spark and a whiff of wind could lead to a disastrous hillside fire. Equally, don’t be careless with cigarette ends, bits of glass etc etc.

Don’t remove wildflowers, sealife, pottery or anything else from their natural resting places.

Don’t leave litter anywhere!

Don’t waste water! Try to keep showers to a minimum, maybe wash up just once a day, don’t leave the water running while you clean your teeth – all the usual things.


Do enjoy your holiday!