There are four taxis on the Island, which are based down at the port on the corner of the main street up. It is a good idea to ask for a business card, so you can make a call from the beach (or wherever you happen to be) when you need a lift back home.

The Island bus operates a regular service between the Old Village, the Port and the small fishing harbour of Steni Valla; at the height of the season buses are running all day throughout the day and evening until about midnight. Earlier and late in the season it is not so frequent, but there are always timetables posted at the bus stop, to help you plan your trip. Tickets cannot be purchased on the bus, but are available from the supermarket at the bus stop in the Old Village or the Alkion Hotel at the port.

In addition, there are the two large Alonissos Trans buses, which take visitors from the Skopelos and Skiathos tour boats to many of the beaches along the main road, as far up as Agios Dimitrios. They also run a service between Patitiri and the Old Village. Tickets are available from the wooden kiosk on the port, by the Port Police offices.

Needless to say, there is no airport here and no train service – although there is a helicopter pad, in Votsi, for special occasions!

The Fire Station is near the top of the main street – in the hot, dry summer months they are frequently seen patrolling the forest areas of the island, keeping an eye open.

The Medical Centre is at the junction at the top of the main street, near the Council Offices. There is always someone on duty; and the two pharmacies are also very helpful with advice and non-prescription medication.

Water can be a precious commodity on the island, particularly after a long dry winter/summer. If your sterna (water tank) runs out, let Olyvia know immediately and she should be able to arrange to get it filled up. In the event of a power cut, your water pump will not work and you will not be able to get running water. Please be sure to turn your taps off if this happens, especially if you are leaving the house – or you may return to find that the electricity has returned, the tap has started running, your sterna is empty and the house is flooded ...

The shops in Patitiri are open from 8.00 am until 2.00 pm, and then again after siesta, from 5.00 pm until later (most food shops close around 8.00 pm). The opening hours in the Old Village vary from shop to shop – they are all open in the evenings, but daytime hours are not so reliable. The Old Village bakery is open from about 7.00 am and closes at about 2.00, and has a good selection of bread, croissants, drinks and pastries. Maria's supermarket, by the bus stop, is open all morning and evenings during the summer – she doesn't have an extensive supply of groceries, but most of the basics are there.