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These Scattered Isles: Alonissos and the lesser Northern Sporades
By Kostas Mavrikis (Greek and English)
For These Scattered Isles, Kostas Mavrikis explored the Northern Sporades alongside families, locals and friends who live or have lived on these islands. He has collected photos and documents that provide insight into legends and traditions. Kostas Mavrikis has created a multi-faceted picture of the islands of Alónnisos, Peristéra, Kirá Panayá, Youra, Pipéri, Psathoúra and Skántzoura, as well as many other smaller islands.

Photo book Alonissos in the 20th century
By Kostas Mavrikis and Will Osterveld
Within the pages of this bilingual (Greek and English) photo book, you are invited to explore and enjoy a selection of 700 vintage photographs of life on Alonissos and the surrounding islands.

The Discovery
By Kostas Mavrikis (Greek and English)
Kostas Mavrikis describes his father's discovery of the shipwreck off Peristera in 1982. It took 38 years for the value of this discovery to be appreciated.

Gates of the Wind
By Michael Caroll (English)
This book is often referred to as required reading for all lovers of the Sporades Islands. It tells about life in the Sporades in the 1960s. Before mass tourism started.

Το νησί μου … Alonissos / My island … Alonissos
By Kiriaki Theodoridou (Greek and English)
“I remember like it was yesterday, the day I first arrived in Alonissos, coming from Skopelos on a small excursion boat. It was the 1980s and I was really struck by the unparalleled natural beauty and the atmosphere of deep tranquility that the landscape exuded.” These are the opening sentences in the book by Kiriaki Theodoridou, who runs the Bookstore Café in the Old Village. Her friends' texts are as emotional and personal as her first words in this small, special guide to the island of Alonissos.

Alonissos on Foot
By Bente Keller & Elias Tsoukanas (Greek and English editions)
The Walking and Swimming Guide is a helpful book if you plan to explore the island on foot. Apart from the beauty of the landscape, the island also has an extensive network of old transport routes from the days when mules and donkeys were the only means of transport. Most of these trails are kept clean to make it easier for hikers to walk. The routes selected in the book cover a large area of the island and offer a wide variety of natural and cultural attractions. In the book there is a separate description and level of difficulty for each tour. Then follow the detailed tutorial instructions. There are large sized maps for each hike and a full map of the entire island at the back of the book to help guide you through each hike. The book was published in spring 2023 in a new, updated edition.

Alonissos through the souls of your feet

By Chris Browne (English)

Here is a guide for hikers who want to explore Alonissos and the islands of the Marine National Park Peristera, Kyra Panagia and Skantzoura. Chris Browne, who has led walks in this region for over a decade, played a key role in the development of traditional walking trails that later became the well-marked trails that crisscross the islands today.
The book, the last edition was published in 2008, is only available second hand.

My Wildflower Wandering

By Polly Norman (English)

A layman's guide to the wildflowers of Alonissos. This book is designed to help hikers learn about the flowers they find on their trails around the island. 
Copies are available direct from Polly Norman 0030 24240 66442.

McGilchrist’s Greek Islands - The Sporades

By Nigel McGilchrist 

The travel guide to the Sporades archipelago is the result of a unique combination of knowledge and passion. It offers an unprecedented level of detail regarding the art, architecture, archaeology, history, natural phenomena, fauna and flora of this island world, making it a beautiful source of information for the interested and curious traveler. It speaks to the thoughtful visitor - intended to inspire them to explore with heart and mind the hidden beauty of the places they visit.

Athanasios Pappos
Contes et récites d'Alonissos/Favole et miti di Alonissos (French and Italian)
Over the years, Athanasios Pappos has collected the oldest oral fairy tales from the older residents of Alonnisos. This collection includes both traditional tales and unique stories specific to the island.

Isomata & Co
By Francois Cachot (French)

François Cachot's words and images illustrate each other, complement each other, overlap and lead the reader into a poetic vision of the Aegean.

Garten der Götter
By Waltraud H. Alberti (German)
In her book, Waltraud Alberti takes readers on a journey into her own little garden at home on Alonissos and into the vast garden of the Mediterranean. In the chapters "Herbs", "Wild Vegetables" and "Fruits" the author shares her specialist knowledge, delicious recipes, knowledge of medicinal plants and mythology in an entertaining and informative way. From Alonissos she explores the diversity of the Mediterranean flora together with readers.

Insel ohne Zeit
Novel by Klaus Resch (German)
A contract takes the photographer Daniel to the island world of the Aegean. He succumbs to the fascination of Greece and the magic of the girl Assimina. He meets the hermit Alexandros on Alonissos, who advises him to visit the uninhabited island of Skantzoura. Only an abandoned monastery can still be found there. The trip on a fishing boat to the uninhabited island becomes a journey through time for Daniel.


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