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Alonissos has a special aura surrounding it. You fall in love with the island almost without noticing it. But once you experience the magic of the island, you feel the urge to return. But what exactly is it that keeps bringing people back to this “love”?

The island's natural beauty, from its beautiful beaches to its green hills and picturesque coastline, is undoubtedly one of its main attractions. The crystal clear waters and lush vegetation create a breathtaking backdrop. Here you will find no crowded beaches and no hectic nightlife. “Courage to calm down” is the motto, healthy “boredom” is desired. Alonissos is a place of serenity, and the views of the Aegean Sea and the clear starry nights create a romantic atmosphere. Here you can slow down time, truly relax and have a quiet, unforgettable vacation.

To find the answer to the question of why people keep coming back, there's probably no easier way than to come and experience it yourself. And maybe you'll join those who simply can't live without Alonissos!


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The earliest records of the island's history date back to 700 BC. In 1538, the island was hit by a devastating attack by the pirate Barbarossa, which wiped out almost the entire population. Many residents lost their lives, while those who survived were either taken into slavery or fled the island. In the following decades the island remained almost uninhabited until the late 16th century. Only then did gradual immigration from neighboring islands and the mainland begin. The main settlement developed in "Palia Chora", a high place at the southern end of the island. At this time the village extended within the "Kastro", remains of which can still be found in the uppermost part of the old village. Over time, the settlement spread further down the mountain and the population grew steadily.

In 1965, the Sporades were hit by a devastating earthquake. The greatest damage occurred in the capital Chora of Alonissos. The residents had little choice but to leave their homes behind and move to the coast, where Patitiri, a new settlement and a new port were built. The Chora Alonissos lay abandoned until the 1980s, when gradually foreign tourists who fell in love with the island became owners of the old village houses and dedicated themselves to the task of restoring the old buildings to bring back the beauty and charm of the “old village”. Soon the place was full of life again and became a multinational melting pot with Greeks, Germans, English, French, Italians and other nationalities living in their Mediterranean paradise.
Would you like to find out more? Discover the evolution of Alonissos over the centuries! The chapter AROUND THE ISLAND - Experience provides exciting insights into the historical events that shaped the fate of the island and the people who lived here. Welcome to a journey through the past of Alonissos!