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Alonissos by night

A legend tells that the giants Otos and Ephialtes removed large rocks from the peaks of Mount Pelion and threw them into the sea to test their strength. So they gave the world the wonderful Sporades archipelago. The gods covered these new islands with a precious mantle of a thousand shades of green, and when they arrived on the last, the easternmost island, they completely emptied their baskets of scents: pines, cypresses, holm oaks and junipers, sage, thyme and oregano, flowers for every season, heather, orchids, honeysuckle, poppies and cyclamen, gladiolus and black cumin... one of the most beautiful gardens in the Nothern Sporades was created.

Alonissos rises like a green mountain from the sea and is characterized by the intense scent of pine, wild oregano, sage and thyme in the air. Clear waters, lush green forests and largely untouched coastal areas with enchanting coves and beaches contribute to its natural beauty, making it one of the most unspoiled islands in Greece. The island's ever-changing, rich vegetation as you travel from south to north, along with the constantly shifting profiles of the smaller islands around Alonissos, create views of exceptional beauty. The merging of the rugged land with the open sea is fascinating and gives the landscape and the view over the sea its special charm. Alonissos - the island where you can leave the crowds behind and get closer to nature not as an intruder, but on tiptoes.

The west side of Alonissos is dominated by steep cliffs that descend towards the sea. Many marked hiking trails offer fantastic views over the sea, and on a clear day, you might even catch a glimpse of Mount Athos. The east side of the island gently slopes down to the sea, showcasing beautiful coves, beaches, and settlements, with views of the neighboring islands of Peristera and Dio Adelphia.
The hills to the south are densely covered with Aleppo pine forest and olive groves, while the north is characterized by a barren mountain landscape. Alonissos is a paradise for enthusiasts of hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and diving, attracting those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and untouched nature.

Alonissos, however, outshines the other approximately 226 inhabited islands in Greece with two attractions. First, it is part of the Northern Sporades Marine Park. Being one of the largest protected areas in Europe, it hosts hundreds of endangered plant and animal species. Second, it houses Greece's first underwater museum with the approximately 2,500-year-old wreck off the coast of Peristera, known as 'Parthenon of Shipwrecks’.


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