Island in the sun – Vacation homes in Alonissos

Summer approaches; and you are thinking about a village in the sun on a Greek island. In your mind you approach a white house; you turn the key; and you are ”home”. Just a dream?  No – the island exists, and it is called Alonissos; and whether you are a couple, a family or with friends a house is waiting here for your holiday!

We – English, French, Norwegians, Canadians and Germans – are the owners of these houses. We all fell in love with Alonissos and its the partly deserted Old Village, so much so that in recent years we have spent more or less all of our holidays here. Lovingly repaired and restored, however, our houses remained unoccupied for months between our visits; but, like many centenarians, they require constant care. To make your stay more comfortable, we have modernised our houses while retaining their traditional feel and ”soul’” – and by living in them, you are also contributing to their maintenance and good state. Olyvia, who has known the Island since she discovered it 21 years ago, is the ideal link between you, who for a few weeks, want to live in a ”real” home and not in an impersonal accommodation and us, who are delighted to open our doors to you.

In our absence, Olyvia manages our houses and will prepare yours for the correct number of people. She will be here to give you the key to your house, and we know that we can rely on her to give you a warm and friendly welcome. It just remains for us to say that we hope you will feel at home immediately in the house of your choice, into which we have invested so much of ourselves. We are confident that you will be captivated, as we have been, by the beauty of the place, and, for the length of your stay, will truly get a feel for this unique Greek village.